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Former Bats release Footy Banner book

Bats alumni Leigh Meyrick and Matt Hagias have written the definitive history of one of Australian Football’s iconic traditions – the run-through banner.

For over 80 years, the ‘run through’ has connected fans to footballers as the essential element of the pre-match build-up.

Cheer squads around the country dedicate countless hours all year to delicately craft their weekly messages on crepe, culminating in a fleeting moment of glory as the teams run onto the ground before the banner is torn to shreds. 

From the funny to the offensive, the emotional to the political, banners come in all shapes and sizes and have evolved considerably, reflecting not only a changing cultural landscape but a changing game itself. 

Footy Banners: A Complete Run-Through is a collection of historical images, stories and unforgettable moments that pay homage to one of our game’s longest-lasting rituals.

Follow the guys on Instagramdownload their Podcast and order your copy.

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