The Bats are back and welcoming new and returning players who want to be part of one of the top Australian Football clubs in NSW.

We are one of Sydney’s biggest and most popular Australian Football clubs, and the biggest in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. 

Playing in the AFL Sydney Premier, Div 2, Div 3, Div 4, Masters and U19.5 men’s competitions, as well as the Premier, Div 1, Div 3 and U20 women’s competitions, we cater for the serious and the social footballer. 

Whether you’re a skilled and seasoned player, a newcomer to the game or simply looking for a weekend kick, the UTS Bats are welcoming of all players and abilities.

Pre-season Training

Pre-season starts on November 13 2023. Checkout out our Training page for details. We welcome all new, returning and former Bats to come out and train with us this summer. If you are a new player, please join our mailing list to keep up to date with all training details.

In-season training

In-season, we train Tuesdays and Thursdays between Bat and Ball Oval in Moore Park, and Trumper Park at Edgecliff.

For more information, contact the club or email our football manager for grading and more playing information at


Football Manager Dean Lee
Men’s Head Coach Kevin Dyson
AssistantRob Cheval, Reuben Pannu
Women’s Head Coach Daniel Fiedler
Assistant Sam Williams, Connor Reilly
Men’s U19.5 Division 1 Coach Harrison Lee
Assistant Dion Shaw, Quinn Smyth
Women’s Under 20 CoachChav Calver, Monika Burke
Women’s Division 1 CoachKellie Nolan
AssistantGeoff Edwards
Men’s Division 2 Coach Tom Gosper
Men’s Division 3 CoachChris Idle
 Women’s Division 3 Coach  Vacant
Men’s Division 4 Coach Chris Dickie
Men’s Masters Coach Shannan Quinn
Assistant Nick Robinson