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Congratulations Nick Barrett: 200 games

The UTS Australian Football Club congratulates Nick Barrett on his 200th game for the Bats this weekend.

‘Baz’ has been named on the half-forward flank for the Bats’ Division One men’s game against Western Magic at Trumper Oval, commencing at 1.25pm.

Good luck with your big game NB!

Testimonials from the club

Nicky B,

You are one of the people I think about fondly when I think about the Bats. Our club is special for the great people we meet and you are an icon of that. I remember your first season in 2007. From the very start you had silky class on the field but humility, sense of humour and love of the Bats off the field. Having you in the team gave all of us more confidence and seeing you at the pub gave me comfort it was going to be a great night. Played together in the ressies 07 flag in your first year. The near miss when we came close to knocking off UNSW in 09, the disappointment of straight sets exit in 2010, the great 2011 when we made finals as ressies in Div 1, but then the epic flag of 2012 in Div 3 which was the finals series when I played my 200th, you were with me. Can’t wait to celebrate the 10 year reunion of that this year. 15 years of service to the club. A life member. An icon. Now a rare 200 gamer. Congratulations Nicky B. Love you heaps.


The Barrel..

An amazing achievement for the mighty Barramundi. One of AFL Sydney’s true legends.

It really does show you the importance of evading tackles and getting a cheeky lose ball in the forward pocket is the key to longevity.

On behalf of all the Bats and Middle Park Bandits, we are very proud of you mate! Another 100 games and they’ll change it from Trumper park to Barrett Park.

Good luck on Saturday.


Nicky B, where to start. Over the history of the Bats would have to be one of the clubs biggest contributors both on and off the field, the energy Nicky would bring to games, social functions and the committee never ceased to amaze me. 200 games and given his ability to somehow always snag minimum 2-3 goals/game, he must be up there on the Bats all time goal kickers list too. All the best for the 200th, pleasure to be there for a handful and hope you celebrate like it’s Ladies Day 1999!


 Congratulations mate on reaching a milestone that not many have achieved. The clubs been a better place having you a part of it and hope you kick a bag on the big day !! You’ve got a few more games in the legs

Luke Mc

What a clubman! 

I think what Nicky B has done at his time at the bats really epitomises what the Bats are all about. A guy that is always welcomed across any grade and despite the look of him is an outstanding player!

A man that would have a beer with anyone and probably has an even busier social calendar than riv, Nicky B always has an incredible story to tell that like his footballing ability you find it so hard to be true!

Have a great one Nicky and congrats on the 200 legend! 


My recollection of playing with NB is negatively affected by the concussions I endured laying shepherds to give the great man more time to line up a goal. I also suffered some permanent damage when the man himself was too busy flailing for a free kick to lay a shepherd, leaving me at the mercy of an oversized opponent and his coat-hanger right arm. What best sums up my time (and fondest memories) of playing with NB is that none of this, of course, is true. Its made up, embellished and glorfied – like every story that will be told today. Congratulations NB – you’re a great man and probably don’t realise the influence you have brought to so many people at the Bats. I would never had as much fun without you, and probably wouldn’t even still be around the Bats if it weren’t for your second to none ability to bring people together. 

Congratulations NB.

Be Strong, Stay Strong.

Tim Dettmann

Congrats Nicky B on 200 games! Huge effort. It was a pleasure to play a small number of those games along side you! Hopefully those hamstrings have a couple of goals left in them for the 200th. Looking forward to watching from the side line with tin in hand.


200 games. More commitment to the club thankfully than he’s ever had to winning a hard ball. He’s been a great team man for a long time and 200 games is a brilliant milestone. Congrats NB.

Liam Walters

Nicky B loves kicking goals .

(Above) is a picture of him looking at the forward pocket at Trumper thinking about goals. 

Mate 200 games at one club is a monumental feat, massive congratulations to you for the hard work, perseverance and preparation to get this milestone especially considering the celebratory sessions you put yourself through for the first decade. Enjoy all the adulations that come your way Saturday and try and snag a few cheeky ones.

You have been a tremendous stalwart for the Bats and always a welcoming face to greet any newcomers to the club or new arrivals to the pub.

Tirelessly supporting the club off the field you have become part of the very fabric of the bats.

Well done mate looking forward to sharing a few stories at the 2012 reunion.

Go bats

Teaser #31

Not many players can claim to be as passionate about the Bats as Nick Barrett. Congrats on such a terrific milestone – thanks for being one of the first blokes to say G’day and welcome me at the Bats – hope you kick a goal or two for that spreadsheet on your special day. All the best!

Liam O’Neil


Congratulations on 200 games. To reach this milestone without a single grass stain is an incredible effort.

We often joke about your ability to rattle off your goal kicking efforts across various grades over the years, but it’s a true sign of your competitive spirit that got you to this milestone – one that most others fall short of.

You’ve contributed so much to the club both on field and off field over the years and we are all bloody proud of you – your beloved Carlton could have done with a few blokes with your passion over the years!

Try not to get kicked out of the Sheaf tonight.


Congrats NB on playing 200 games, great achievement! Hope you have a great game, kick a few hanging back in the goal square and look forward to a beer and few embellished stories after the game. And of course, treat yourself to a massage you deserve it!


Nicky, Congrats on 200 games for the Bats! One of the all time great clubmen going around, in your prime 10 years ago I’ll admit you could kick a goal. Keeping an Excel spreadsheet of every disposal was a bit rich. Well done and good luck for the 200! Cheers.

Ash Loxton

Nicky B was a happy-go-lucky young Victorian who arrived to the Bat Cave in the -?09-’10 period. He made an immediate impression on his Bat brothers with his Silky movement on the field. And his moves on the dance floor at The Light Brigade were delicious. He is a positive, encouraging and supportive teammate to be around. Massive congrats mate to join the 200 club of the Bats! He will be an awesome Captain/coach for the Masters in years to come.

Simon Duguid

Congrats on 200 NB. Hard to believe you’re still going about it. You would have just about seen it all in your time at the BATS. From flags to spoons. 100 point thumping’s to final siren winners. Even a coupla Prems games in there. You’ll even be able to remember all the moments on the field due to never having a concussion. Off the field is a different story. Been a pleasure playing with you NB and setting you up for a few goals. Even bigger pleasure enjoying winners piss on a Saturday night. Play well mate and when the time comes rack up a few more games in masters.


Congrats Nicky on 200 great games. Never met a man that loves to fill his own stat sheet and steal goals from his fellow team mates.
A wonderful servant to the bats footy club and an even better bloke – always has a good story
Enjoy your day and kick a bag

Luke Patterson

Congratulations Nicky B! One of the greatest, enigmatic, evasive forwards to have ever played at the bats (self proclaimed). Loved hearing the play by play stories of the goals he kicked in each game. I’m surprised you didn’t coordinate for your 200th to fall on ladies day!
In all seriousness, one of the best club men and team mates you could hope for. Always included everyone and made sure we all had a smile on our face. Hope you kick a bag on Saturday NB!

Tom Perks

Nicky Barret, “The Lovely Assasin”, his devilish charm and good lucks always lulled defenders into a false sense of security. In the history of the UTS Bats, there have definitely been faster players than Nicky Barrett, there have definitely been stronger players and there have definitely been better skilled players. But you’d be hard pressed to find a player who’s been more loved by his teammates from the Prems down to the Ds. Nicky B you are the definition of a stalwart and it’s a joy to have shared the footy field with you. Here’s to the next 100 games.


I think it was Foz who said the following at the half time address of an A Grade game of which we were getting beaten, “Guys I know it’s not great situation. It’s hard when you have players missing like we do. I mean when Nicky Barret is playing Prems you know we’re in trouble.”

Barrett was standing right in front of Foz when he said it.

Prez Maxxie

Hey Nicky B
What a pleasure to have played along side you, coached you and stay mates with you all these years. Whilst we push the boundaries of banter particularly when we sledge each other constantly over the 09’ finals series, you are definitely in the upper echelon of Bats Brothers and 200 games is an amazing achievement. One you’ll no doubt be telling everyone about for years to come! Love ya mate! Bats or Die


Never had the opportunity to play with Barret, given I was always playing in the higher grades. Although I did enjoy watching him hanging out the back of the packs getting cheap goals, usually followed by heavy celebrations. He wasn’t one to put his head over the ball or make the one percent efforts, but you could always rely on him to be out at the pub that night and asking…if you saw his goal that day.
What Barret lacks in football skills and humbleness, he makes up for as being one of the greatest friends you could ask for, and unfortunately he’s a much better footballer than we would like to admit. What an achievement to someone that everyone loves – 200 games at the Bats doesn’t happen often! Congratulations Nicky


Nicky B, when I joined the Bats in 2011 you were a seasoned veteran and looked like you were in the twilight of your career, yet here we are in 2022 and you’re still somehow “running” around with blokes young enough to be your son. I’m proud to have shared the field with you in some of your 200 games and credit you for developing my reputation for standing in the goal square. I learnt from the best! On the field you are an overrated and shameless self promoter. Off the field you’re a loyal mate, I cherish our friendship and I can’t wait to raise our girls together. All the best for #200.

Love Dragon

Love the way he always delivers goals in the big games and how he tapes up his nipples for every game.
Love how he keeps his own stats on a spreadsheet
Lobster (what I call him) true champion of the club and still bagging goals into your 40’s is a testament to how good you are. Well done on 200 magnificent effort
Can’t wait to hear all about your performance


Nicky Barrett…Legend on and off the field. One of the most dynamic small forwards Sydney AFL has ever seen. Also one of the most unaccountable.
It was always good fun playing footy with you and we’re lucky that we had far more ups on the field than downs.
2012 will always be a great memory and you were an integral part of that Div 3 side that went on to win the Granny #EADBFC
Despite the many sprays i’ve given you for looking me dead in the eyes as you ignored the opportunity to handball…instead doing a wide, slow & sweeping U-Turn and snapping towards goal…it was always a pleasure playing with you (plus it’s hard to seriously criticise a guy who continually put it between the big sticks!)
Congrats on a great career and all the best for your 200th.

Love, Matty Warnock

Congratulations Nicky Barrett on the 200 games! An incredible achievement and one of the few Bats to achieve such a milestone! You’ve always been a great leader on and off the field and really encapsulate what it means to “get around the boys”! Hope you kick a bag of goals and have a great game!

Cheers, Menzies

Achieving 200 games is one of only a few of Nicky Barrett’s lifetime achievements that has any truth to it. He’s played across generations, in all grades, and survived all this time in the easiest position on the field. His heat map after most games would look like a freckle on the field. But 200 is 200! Credit where it’s due! He’s been having fun and making mates and being a part of the bats culture for nearly 20 years and goes down as an all-time great of the club. I have had endless fun with him on and off the field and I’m stoked to see him get to this impressive milestone – congratulations mate!


Nicky B,
Congratulations on the huge milestone, 200 games is a massive achievement!
It’s testament to your character, loyalty and commitment to the club, over many eras of the Bats.
Its baffling to think you’re still getting it done 10yrs after what I know was your favourite premiership (2012 C Grade Flag), Matt Warnock’s first retirement, and my last playing year.
Forever grateful to share some great memories (particularly Cheeky Monkeys).
You’re a true journeyman, respected clubman and incredible bloke.
Congrats again. Bats or Die.

Dan Flanagan
Aka Corporate Dancefloor
2012 Vice Captain
Div 3 Premiers

Barrett. You are poetry on a footy field…. if poetry was a pot bellied partly balding man. Happy 200th legend. No doubt a standard handball received goal square goal is in order. Good luck mate.


Nicky Barrett: Absolute pleasure on and off the field. Not many are lucky enough to play 200 games at the same club and doing it at the Bats is even rarer. It could be argued you have managed this because of the brand of footy that you chose early on has supported longevity so well. For years you had to put up with feedback from fellow Bats about the bruise free footy your were offering but you are well and truly reaping the benefits now. As some of us contested beasts are starting to slow you somehow appear fresher and younger every week. I was lucky to play the majority of my games at the Bats with you and kicking a couple with you against Blacktown in the 2012 GF was certainly a highlight but there are many, many more. A genuine legend, you have made the Bats the great place it is. Well done and all the best for the weekend.

Ed Williams

Baz is the rare type of club footballer that is just as good off the field as he is on it. The only player in Bats history to be kicked out of every sponsor pub we have ever had. Always the first to shout a round and the last to leave, NickyB is as much a part of our culture as the Bacardi Bat logo. 

Deadly from the forward pocket as he is on the dance floor, Baz is not known for his forward pressure rather silky finishes followed by a bit of a carry on, especially later at the pub if you “didn’t see his 40m snap from the boundary”. A well known stats man, future archaeologists will uncover his fossilised ledger to try and uncover the secrets of this elusive park footy player and his longevity.  The legend continues on with Baz’s 200th game for the Bats and I hope you continue to grace the hallowed Trumper park until your mid-60s, when the opposition defenders will have no other option than to steal your walking frame. Congrats on this amazing milestone! 

Dave White

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