Functional Movement System (FMS)

The FMS builds better athletes and improves sports performance.

FMS is the ultimate screening tool for Athletes and is used by the AFL, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA organisations.

It is used to identify high risk factors associated with injuries such as hamstring tears, shoulder dislocations, ankle sprains and ACL tears.

The FMS predicts your likelihood of injury or re-injury.

More specifically, the movement pattern tested identifies areas where you are loosing power and efficiency, imbalances in strength and identifies weakness in stability muscles.

Our experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists utilise the FMS score to design exercise programs to tell you what you need to work on individually to be a premium footballer in September without injury between now and then.

What you need to do:

We will be conducting compulsory FMS tests for the next 2 weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays training.

Cost: $35 on the day of your testing. This includes a full analysis and report after. Yes, you can claim it on your private health insurance.

You don’t need to be experiencing a current pain complaint or known musculoskeletal injury.

We are looking forward to helping you all absolutely smash it for the rest of the season.




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