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Anzac Parade Physiotherapy


The team from Anzac Parade Physiotherapy will be attending Monday, Wednesday & Thursday night training sessions and will be at games. Players that require

Physiotherapy treatment should book an appointment with the team at Anzac Parade Physiotherapy. Bats members will receive a discount – please email info@utsafc.com.au for details.

Anzac Parade Physiotherapy TeamJason Theobold, Loretta Grace & Heather Morton

Contact: Shop 1, 243 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032 / Phone 02 9313 8474 / Email: admin@esphysiotherapy.comhttp://www.anzacparadephysiotherapy.com.au/


If you get injured….Injury Report Logo

  • Seek medical or first aid advice as soon as possible.
  • Report your injury with an Injury Report.
  • Remember R.I.C.E.R – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Referral.
  • When icing, apply ice for 10 minutes, make sure you have a barrier (wet towel or bandage) between the ice pack and your skin to avoid ice burns. Allow the skin to return to normal temperature before icing again.
  • Avoid alcohol after a game – this can increase bleeding and increase the local damage from an acute injury.

All injuries should be reported on the day to the attending Physio/Trainer or by Tuesday morning to Anzac Parade Physiotherapy Team. This is to keep coaches informed of the clubs injury situation. You can email (above), call, or fill out an injury report (link above). Injuries should be reported even if you are seeking treatment elsewhere, so details of your injury and expected recovery times can be communicated to your coach.

Avoiding injuries

  • Game fitness – Injuries often occur through reduced fitness and lack of sport-specific endurance, particularly in the first four weeks of the playing season. Start your pre-season training early to improve your fitness, stamina, agility and balance so you are fit to play.
  • Warm-up – make it dynamic – jogging, lunging, sidestepping, running backwards and short sprints. The aim is to slowly work up to a pace you would expect to play a game at, covering all the skills required.
  • Remember commonly at-risk injury sites – hamstrings, groins, quads, and shoulders – make sure you stretch these in your cool down, holding each stretch for 30 seconds.
  • Pre-season screening – If you have sustained an injury in the last year or season and would like a musculoskeletal assessment, contact the Anzac Parade Physiotherapy Team, who can assess any injury risks and provide a tailored programme for rehabilitation to help guide your recovery.

Remember prevention is better than cure!