Inspirational Leadership, Strategy Ownership, Behaviour Change

Corporate Edge - Black logoCorporate Edge is a behaviour change organisation.”We exist to facilitate the achievement of human potential. Our vision is to inspire people to grow.” Phil Allison, Director 


3 Key outcomes they deliver for their clients:

  • Strategy Ownership – ensure every person in the organisation is completely aligned and accountable to deliver the company Vision and Strategy.
  • Inspirational Leadership – turn managers into Inspirational Leaders.
  • Behaviour Change – create long-term behaviour change with individuals, teams and organisations.

Many of us work in organisations that would benefit from the services that Corporate Edge provide, so please talk to your employers and organise a meeting with Phil or Colby to discuss in greater detail how they can assist your/your employers business.

Contact details are below and remember to “SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT THE BATS”

Contact Person: John Colbert


Phone: 02 9566 1422